Events, media and data in a single digital platform to dramatically improves the effectiveness of recruiting high school students


Recruiting Radar with Visual Search, Compliance, Virtual Boards



Mobile App, Recruit Profile Building, Recruit and Event Management

Best in Class Recruiting Software Features


Need to ensure your recruiters adheres to hiring rules? Recruiting Radar monitors all phone, text and visiting activity

Visual Search

Filter a database of recruits from 10,000 to just the right number of “blue chips” in seconds

Web and Mobile

Web view at the office, mobile while on the field or in the field

Virtual Boards

Recruiting Radar helps you not only find and sign the best recruits, it also helps you design the best teams through its innovative Board Manager


Manage your recruiting with a pipeline view complete with automation and visualization of your flow of new recruits


Recruiting Radar provides in-app notification ensuring nothing slips by your recruiters

Calendar Management

Recruiting Radar delivers a calendar view to recruiters ensuring they work on their most important recruits

Event Management

Recruiting Radar supports event management. It also supports Bluechip’s own events app called SWAG


Recruiting Radar allows recruiters to generate video meetings through an integration with Zoom providing anywhere, anytime collaboration between recruiters and their recruits

The Last 12 National Champions and the Most Competitive Teams rely on BluechipONE's Recruiting Radar