Bluechip Acquires SpeedTracs, LLC and the national SWAG challenge

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Bluechip recently completed its acquisition of SpeedTracs, LLC, a sports performance and technology company that provides innovative training systems and competition events. We also acquired SpeedTracs’ flagship competition, SWAG, which is found in high schools from coast to coast.

These strategic acquisitions enable us to increase the recruiting value and services we offer clients. We are broadening our reach into high schools on a national level, and connecting “be recruited” apps from the hands of thousands of teenagers to our Recruiting Radar application.

Correspondingly, we are enhancing Recruiting Radar to match the increased capabilities provided from deeper, more thorough, and higher analytical recruiting within all sports. This expansion, combined with the incremental resource acquisitions, enables Bluechip to further assist in your recruiting efforts. New offerings will include more complete high school information for all athletes, and across all sports.

Simultaneously, Bluechip is taking mobile recruiting to the next level by embedding a “be recruited” app into the hands of thousands of potential recruits. A virtual, seamless recruiting bridge will connect these apps from the hands of potential recruits directly to the hands of collegiate recruiters via Recruiter Radar – it becomes a literal hand-to-hand recruiting experience.

In order to support this expanded business enterprise, and to fulfill our twelve-year commitment to stay on technology’s cutting edge, we are building a Very Smart Cloud to substantiate Recruiting Radar’s expanding platform. In a corresponding shift, we are moving our hosting environment to Amazon Web Services.