A.G.A. Nation (www.aganation.com) and Bluechip Athletic Solutions (www.bas-llc.net) have partnered to form A Games™ Inc,  a joint venture that delivers revolutionary recruiting services through a wide-ranging assortment of sponsor-driven athletic, educational, and entertainment events to a growing list of over 1,000 high schools and within all US markets.

By creating meaningful contact with more than 500,000 teenagers, A Games™ Inc brings hands-on recruiting and sponsorship opportunities to the world of academic scholarship, athletic scholarship, career placement, military recruitment, and a host of other enriching possibilities for a significant number of today’s high school population.

Combining these companies into one creates a one-stop source for high school-aged marketing, as well as provides best recruiting practices for its recruitment clients, which includes a number of proven, signature events including:

  • SWAG™ – targeted athletic competitions for sports teams, PE classes, and age-appropriate students of all stripes, SWAG provides a national competition that engages thousands of high school participants, simultaneously creating instant, meaningful encounters and embedding “recruit me” apps into the hands of thousands of teenagers.

  • Bring Your ‘A Game’ to School™ – action sports mobile teams that inspire and educate students on what it means to bring your ‘A Game’, focusing on the core “A’s” of education: Anti-Bullying, personal Achievement, maximizing your Ability, staying Active, being Authentic, and having the right Attitude.

  • DUNK Distracted Driving™ – combines dynamic basketball performers along with an educational and informational message on the dangers of distracted driving. Whether it is texting, talking with friends or driving under the influence, inexperienced teenage driving accounts for a majority of accidents in the United States.

A Games™ Inc also offers a complete turn-key recruitment solution with the integration of its proprietary lead management software, Recruiting RadarTM, to its high school events. Already utilized by college football powerhouses Alabama, Clemson, and Notre Dame, as well as the service academies at Annapolis, Colorado Springs and West Point, Recruiting RadarTM enables recruiters of any stripe to identify, evaluate, and recruit a targeted high school population.

“Of all the incredible offerings A Games™ Inc provides, the most notable accomplishment is that we bring in good sponsors who offer great opportunities to the high school population,” said Rusty Gordon, Chairman and CEO of Bluechip Athletic Solutions. “This venture is more than executing high school events; we create real opportunities for sponsors who do right by these teenagers.”

A Games™ Inc is noted for its event planning and execution, digital media production, software development, content creation, and social media initiatives, among others.  Event offerings are classified into three categories:

  • Assembly – Educational & Entertainment-based events for the entire school or large populations therein

  • Targeted – Specific populations are identified such as PE class takeovers and athletic teams

  • Digital – Impactful gaming and mobile app opportunities which do not require the expense of staff on campus

“This partnership expands the standard of excellence customers have come to expect from our two companies,” said A.G.A. Managing Partner, Kurt Luttermoser. “Since 2005, we have collectively produced over 4,000 performances, 1,000 competition-based events, and reached millions of high school students. This new joint venture gives us the ability to go beyond just marketing to our audience, it enables us to make a difference by best matching student with opportunity.”

Bluechip Athletic Solutions was founded in 2005 and is based in Atlanta, GA. A.G.A was founded in 2007 and is based in Grand Haven, MI.  A Games™ Inc is jointly headquartered in both locations and continues to execute events nationwide.