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Curriculum-based entertainment events to reach over 500,000 students starting 2021 - delivered straight to classrooms!

A Games™ Inc, a joint venture between Bluechip Athletic Solutions and A.G.A. Nation, is unveiling a revolutionary new classroom offering for schools everywhere starting in 2021 – virtual assembly events!

Bluechip Athletic Solutions, creator of the SWAG™ high school fitness events, has partnered with A.G.A. Nation, the team that delivered the High School Assembly Tour™ featuring Bring Your ‘A Game’ to School™ & DUNK Distracted Driving™ on-site campaigns, to create safe and effective social distancing programming for schools everywhere via a new online platform and mobile app.

In response to the uncertainty faced by educators nationwide, A Games™ Inc has created revolutionary programming and a mobile app solution that will engage, entertain and educate students starting January of 2021.

This exciting, highly engaging programming will deliver athletic, educational, and entertainment-based events to a growing list of thousands of schools within all U.S. markets, creating impactful contact with more than 500,000 teenagers.

The partners of A Games™ Inc have a proven track record of success in event planning and execution, digital media production, software development, content creation, and social media initiatives, among others.  Including the virtual assembly experience, which is delivered online, A Games™ Inc. showcases the following:

  • Assembly – Educational & Entertainment-based events for the entire school or large populations therein
  • Athletic – Specific populations are identified such as PE class takeovers, athletic teams, or JROTC programs
  • Digital – Impactful gaming and mobile app opportunities which do not require the expense of staff on campus

A Games™ Inc brings hands-on recruiting and sponsorship opportunities to the world of academic scholarship, athletic scholarship, career placement, military recruitment, and a host of other enriching possibilities for a significant number of today’s high school population.