Bluechip Media provides a unique blend of technology, marketing strategy and content creation services to strengthen the connection between Recruiters and Recruits.  Production options include:

  • A day in the life
  • Highlight reel / Promotional Video / Pamphlet
  • Social Media Brand Aids
  • After Identifying and Evaluating, the virtualized recruiting process comes to its logical conclusion via the actual Recruiting. The thousands of embedded ``be recruited`` apps are ready to receive powerful marketing content from the hands of Recruiters using:



  • Bluechip Media’s suite of marketing products of Mobile Apps, Virtual Tours, Augmented Reality, and Award-Winning Films

  • The USMA and USAFA are just two of the many elite institutions utilizing these products

  • Direct messaging from Recruiting Radar’s communication tools

  • Bluechip Media creates a seamless recruiting bridge between the 'be recruited' apps and the military recruiter phones that utilize Recruiting Radar's communication tools and Bluechip's powerful, custom-designed marketing products.
  • In creating a mobile continuum with recruiters of every stripe on one end, and high school students with an eye to the future on the other, the entire military recruiting process becomes wholly virtualized and encapsulated via mobile devices for the first time.