REACH Recruiting

Use REACH Recruiting for connecting military recruiters to recruits for any event.

REACH connects recruiters of every stripe with thousands of qualified recruit prospects, in the most powerful way possible-hand to hand. Literally recruits have a mobile app they may use to participate in compelling events like the well know SWAG challenge, where an unprecedented number initiate a recruiting process with a recruiter. A lead becomes an engagement simultaneously. These leads are then nourished immediately, at the hand, by award winning videos and media encouraging ongoing progression through the recruiting cycle. Recruiters not only get a recruit, they get a Bluechip recruit.


The REACH mobile application enables the recruiter to manage both the event and recruiting process by using the following features:

  • Notifications
  • Registration Monitor
  • Text and eMail Communication
  • ROI Reporting
  • Lead filtering, ranking, and exporting


REACH Media creates a seamless recruiting bridge between the “be recruited” apps and the “military recruiter” phones that utilize Recruiting Radar’s communication tools and Bluechip’s powerful, custom-designed marketing products.

[ultimate_fancytext fancytext_effect=”ticker” strings_tickerspeed=”50″ ticker_wait_time=”30000″ ticker_show_items=”1″ fancytext_strings=”After Identifying and Evaluating, the virtualized recruiting process comes to its logical conclusion via the actual Recruiting. The thousands of embedded “be recruited“ apps are ready to receive powerful marketing content from the hands of Recruiters using films, brand aids, augmented reality and virtual reality. ” fancytext_color=”#304c7b” strings_font_size=”desktop:32px;” strings_font_family=”font_family:PT Mono|font_call:PT+Mono”]
  • Bluechip’s suite of marketing products of Mobile Apps, Virtual Tours, Augmented Reality, and Award-Winning Films

  • The USMA and USAFA are just two of the many elite institutions utilizing these products

  • Direct messaging from Recruiting Radar’s communication tools

[ultimate_fancytext fancytext_effect=”ticker” strings_tickerspeed=”50″ ticker_wait_time=”30000″ ticker_show_items=”1″ fancytext_strings=”REACH Media creates a seamless recruiting bridge between the ‘be recruited’ apps and the military recruiter phones that utilize Recruiting Radar’s communication tools and Bluechip’s powerful, custom-designed marketing products.” fancytext_color=”#304c7b” strings_font_size=”desktop:32px;” strings_font_family=”font_family:PT Mono|font_call:PT+Mono”][ultimate_fancytext fancytext_effect=”ticker” strings_tickerspeed=”50″ ticker_wait_time=”30000″ ticker_show_items=”1″ fancytext_strings=”In creating a mobile continuum with recruiters of every stripe on one end, and high school students with an eye to the future on the other, the entire military recruiting process becomes wholly virtualized and encapsulated via mobile devices for the first time.” fancytext_color=”#304c7b” strings_font_size=”desktop:32px;” strings_font_family=”font_family:PT Mono|font_call:PT+Mono”]

SWAG Events

Use SWAG for managing athletic events for military recruiters.

SWAG is Bluechip’s unique high school entry event. An athletic competition designed for PE classes, sports teams, and age appropriate students of all stripes, the program simultaneously creates instant, meaningful encounters with recruiters and embeds “be recruited” apps into the hands of thousands of teenagers.

  • Superb mechanism for military recruiter engagement

  • Creates and deepens relationships with schools, staff, and students

  • Automated lead capture and powerful self-selection

Once I got on it and tried it, I was like, 'Wow, this could get us into schools really fast.'
Since 2009, this is the only program where we've seen interviews and enlistments, even right after competitions.
With this event, we're going to be able to engage volleyball teams, softball teams, female athletic teams, like never before.


In order to properly evaluate thousands of teenagers, military personnel can use the same cutting-edge software already deployed by the nation’s best recruiters – college football powerhouses. More than 40 of the nation’s top 60 programs rely on Bluechip’s tools to recruit the teenagers that drive a $6 billion industry.

Recruiting Radar, Bluechip’s flagship cloud-based CRM recruiting software, provides its clients with:

  • Unmatched customization prowess, tailored to each organization’s methodologies

  • Powerhouse analytics to provide critical insight

  • Advanced forecasting and fulfillment for strength and mission requirements

[ultimate_fancytext fancytext_effect=”ticker” strings_tickerspeed=”50″ ticker_wait_time=”30000″ ticker_show_items=”1″ fancytext_strings=”Recruiters of all variety can streamline operations, enhance personnel evaluation, utilize integrated communication tools, and ultimately harness dramatic force multiplication in targeting the post-secondary education market.” fancytext_color=”#808000″ strings_font_size=”desktop:32px;” strings_font_family=”font_family:PT Mono|font_call:PT+Mono”]
I think it's going to help out every region.
I'm really ecstatic to go out there and help these high schools.
I have never seen a return on investment like that.
[ultimate_fancytext fancytext_effect=”ticker” strings_tickerspeed=”50″ ticker_wait_time=”30000″ ticker_show_items=”1″ fancytext_strings=”It literally becomes hand-to-hand recruiting.” fancytext_color=”#bada55″ strings_font_size=”desktop:32px;” strings_font_family=”font_family:PT Mono|font_call:PT+Mono”]