RECRUITING REACH uses a mobile application to register event participants, and help drive adoption and engagement for the event.  In addition the mobile application allows the event host to have specific recruiting content.

REACH enables the recruiter to manage both the event and recruiting process through:

  • Notifications

  • Registration Monitoring

  • Text and eMail Communications

  • ROI Reporting

  • Lead filtering, ranking, and exporting

Optionally combine the REACH mobile application with event coordination for high-priority events.

  • Mega Events – Multiple schools combined into one event
  • High Value Events – events that require a high Return on Investment (ROI) due to cost or mission critical needs.
  • Trade shows / Clinics –  drive traffic to your display through pre-event coordination campaigns.

Consider using the REACH mobile application with a SWAG Event.  Leverage Bluechip’s flagship high school entry event to take advantage of the following:

  • Existing database of SWAG participating schools
  • Event coordination combined with Speed Station equipment delivery and setup
  • Field coach overseeing the Speed Station activities
  • Event marketing including giveaways
  • Access to the SWAG Leaderboard for maintaining the engagement

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