Award-winning websites are hallmarks of Bluechip’s ability to implement interactive design, offer creative excellence, and implement strategic messaging for its clients in the pursuit of highly sought recruits.

Mobile Apps

Bluechip Mobile Apps showcase your program with a multimedia app that will engage your target market. All Bluechip apps are free to users to download and have been downloaded more than 200,000 times since 2011! Our mobile apps provide a customized platform for each client.



Panoview by Bluechip combines 360-degreee aerial and ground views and video to bring your campus to life without requiring student-athletes and fans to be on campus.


Bluechip professional services will integrate your own data feeds or those from third parties to ensure you have the best data sets for your recruiters


Bluechip’s Customer Success Teams can help you generate the reports and lists your recruiters need for rapid access to data groups for comparison and ranking.



Bluechip’s Professional Services and Events teams can help you put together the necessary Recruiting Radar components to put on and track events for your recruits.